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"The next generation of scientific discovery and innovation will be data-driven, from modelling and simulation."

Rt Hon David Willetts MP Minister for Universities and Science

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What is the Oxford Q-Step Centre?   

Oxford is one of 15 universities to be selected nationally to host Q-Step. The Oxford Q-Step Centre is hosted by the Department of Politics and International Relations, in close co-operation with the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford.

What is Q-Step?

Q-Step is a £19.5 million programme designed to promote a step-change in quantitative social science training. The programme receives generous funding from the Nuffield Foundation, ESRC and HEFCE. The national Undergraduate Q-Step Prospectus - 'Shaping Society - Quantitative Social Science for the 21st Century' has details of all Q-Step courses ,to help aspiring social scientists to choose the right course to develop essential data skills. 

What will Oxford Q-Step Centre deliver?

The Oxford Q-Step Centre enables undergraduates in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, History & Politics and students in Human Sciences to have access to enhanced training in Quantitative Methods, through lectures and data-labs. The skills training provided by OQC is shared widely, with the University of Oxford hosting a Quantitative Methods Summer School - the Summer Institute - for undergraduates from other UK universities. Oxford academics are developing open access online teaching materials on Quantitative Methods for wider audiences.

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How is the Oxford Q-Step Centre managed?

The management and coordination of OQC and its activities is provided through a two-tier governance structure that ensures broad buy-in across the Social Sciences Division and into the Humanities Division at the University of Oxford. The OQC governance structure consists of a cross-divisional Steering Group which meets once a term and sets the overarching strategy and the high-level objectives, and an Executive Management Committee which meets once a term and is responsible for monitoring progress and for making the major decisions needed to run the centre. The Executive Management Committee members include: Andy EggersRobin Harding, Dave Kirk, and Andrea Ruggeri.


The Q-Step project is funded by the Nuffield FoundationHEFCE and the ESRC.

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