Oxford Q-Step Centre


New Q-Step Internship Programme

Oxford Q-Step Centre is looking for organisations to take part in our new Q-Step Internship programme.  These internships will be offered to Oxford undergraduate social science students who are studying Quantitative Methods as part of their degrees in Philosophy, Politics & Economics and History & Politics.  We would expect them to be involved in a project where they could put their data skills to best use.  The internships will be 4-10 weeks long.  Participating employers will benefit from highly motivated Oxford undergraduates working on a specific project, and also from establishing links with the University of Oxford.

Q-Step Internship Employer's Application Form

We would ask sponsoring organisations to:

- provide a description of the internship project(s) offered, including an overview of the skills required by the ideal candidate.

- provide the intern with an appropriate work space and equipment necessary to carry out the project work.

- designate a point of contact within the organisation, who will supervise the student, and act as the primary contact for communications with OQC.

- select the intern from a pool of candidates

- follow minimum wage legislation (for UK applicants) or, for non-profit making organisations, to provide accommodation and sustenance

- where necessary, sponsor the student for a visa covering the duration of the placement

- provide feedback to OQC by evaluating the intern at the end of the placement.


Please complete the Q-Step Sponsor's Application Form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.