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Alexandra (Alexa) Zeitz | Graduate Scholars | People

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Alexandra (Alexa) Zeitz

I’m a fourth year DPhil in International Relations based at St. Antony’s college. I am interested in international finance, particularly how developing countries interface with the international financial system. My dissertation studies whether African countries’ relationships with their “traditional” donors like the World Bank changed once they gained access to Chinese loans and international bond markets. I am a strong believer in mixed methods. My thesis combines statistical analysis of aid and loan terms across sub-Saharan Africa with three case studies based on in-depth fieldwork (Ethiopia, Ghana, and Kenya). I received my BA in Politics, Psychology, and Sociology from the University of Cambridge and completed an MPhil in International Relations at Oxford before embarking on the DPhil. I was very new to quantitative methods when I arrived at Oxford and the discovery of what we can learn through careful analysis of appropriate data has made me passionate about good quantitative methods training.

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