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Arun Frey | Graduate Teaching Assistant | People

Oxford Q-Step Centre

Arun Frey

I started my BSc in Media Studies and Sociology with the intention of becoming a filmmaker. I quickly realised that I (a) was much more fascinated by the field of sociology and (b) did not know a thing about film-making. Career prospects changed soon after. During my Masters at Oxford, I studied protests to understand why some people engage in collective or violent action to bring about social change while others choose not to. Survey data on social movements are sparse and rarely comprehensive, so researchers have to be innovative to find sources that are at once accurate, reliable and interesting. Through statistics and quantitative methods, social scientists can increasingly capitalise on the rise of the Internet and its ever-growing amount of valuable and untapped data. This prospect is what brought me back to Oxford after my first excursions into work life at the United Nations and the European Parliament. As part of my DPhil in Sociology, I will analyse the relationship between political language and collective action – focusing specifically on violence and extremism. In my free time I enjoy hikes, art galleries and films (watching, not making them).

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