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Catharina Lewerenz | Graduate Scholars | People

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Catharina Lewerenz

The reason why I wanted to do my undergraduate degree in Political Science was that I had a strong interest in Political Theory. I soon realised, however, that the University of Mannheim was not the right place to do so. On the contrary, the focus was on empirical analyses and statistics. It was hard but I stayed. It took me three years but slowly I started to enjoy engaging with data. And I stayed there even longer to do my Master degree in Political Science as well. As a part of a cooperation program of the University of Mannheim, I went to the University of Nottingham in my second year to do a double master’s degree in International Relations (Research Track). And again, the focus was mainly on statistics but by that time I had learned to handle and appreciate numbers. Not least because of this, I worked as ‘statistician’ before coming here to do my DPhil in International Relations. In my project, I refer primarily to statistics in order to examine the impact of pro-government militias on violent and nonviolent dissent.

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