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Jacob Nyrup

My way to becoming a political scientist was almost over before it got started. After my first year of undergraduate studies at the University of Copenhagen I was frustrated and I was considering changing subject. I was thinking to myself, "Why don’t we also learn to study the world?"  Thankfully, my first methods class was an awakening. Since then I have been hooked on using data to analyse the questions we face in the social sciences. After graduating with a MSc in Political Science and Political Economy from the London School of Economics, I went on to do another MSc in Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. Wanting to take a break from studying, I worked as a management consultant for Deloitte Consulting, where I used statistical methods to solve some of the biggest problems facing the public sector in Denmark. Having started a DPhil in Politics at Oxford in 2016, I study why some authoritarian countries are better at promoting economic development than others. In addition, I am doing research on wealth inequality as a part of the WEALTHPOL project.

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