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Julia du Pont de Romémont

I am a third-year DPhil candidate in Politics at Nuffield College. I completed my secondary education in a French-German school in France, before studying Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz in Germany. I then came to the University of Oxford, where I took an MSc in Politics at Trinity College in 2014. I never really consciously decided to get into political science, but once I chose this path it appeared to me like the logical choice. What I instantly enjoyed about social science is that I learned a way of thinking about facts and not only the facts themselves. I find it fascinating to uncover unexpected patterns of social behaviour through empirical research. I grew up in a bi-national family, with grandparents who had experienced the second world war on seemingly irreconcilable enemy sides. I try to remain aware that my existence and way of life is due to political decisions to cooperate, but also that our socio-political situation is always in a fragile balance. Outside of academia, I enjoy dancing, talking about dance, photography and discussing politics.

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