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Vuk Vukovic

I started as an economist. Then I went to LSE to study political economy. Now at Oxford I’m doing a DPhil in politics. Why? Because I came to realize that one cannot understand economics if one does not understand politics. What am I now? A political economist. I like stats too. They were an integral part of my undergrad, my Masters, and now my DPhil. I’ve done it all, you name it. I even published some papers already.

I also have a start-up data company called Oraclum Intelligence System that uses social networks to predict election outcomes and consumer behaviour. We designed a science-based prediction method that successfully predicted both Brexit and Trump. This, btw, has nothing to do with my thesis. My thesis studies the impact of elite networks – the collusion of political and special interests – on inequality.

Most important of all, I am happily married and a father of two boys.