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Crowd-sourcing Safety. How data is taking on sexual harassment

It was the brutal Delhi Gang Rape of 2012 which motivated Elsa-Marie D'Silva to look for an effective, new approach to tackle the issues of sexual harassment in public places.  Her response was the creation of the Red Dot Foundation (Safecity)platform, and crowd-sourcing data, her answer. 

Women report their stories (anonymously if they wish) through a mobile or web app or a free call service.  The data is then analysed to produce maps of hotspots of reported incidents, which inform other women, local communities and policy-makers.

Safecity is now the largest crowd map of sexual abuse in India, Kenya, Cameroon and Nepal. Elsa-Marie, who is a visiting fellow on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's GURUKUL Programme, explains her motivation for setting up the platform, how this information is used to raise awareness and to help find solutions, and its broader applications.

To hear Elsa-Marie's inspiring talk, click here https://www.politics.ox.ac.uk/video/crowd-sourcing-safety-how-data-is-taking-on-sexual-harassment.html