Oxford Q-Step Centre Director, Professor Andrew Eggers

Prof. Andy Eggers 

Why teach Quantitative Methods to social scientists?

Oxford Q-Step Centre, Arun Frey

Arun Frey

Using statistics to solve real problems.

Oxford Q-Step Centre, Catharina Lewerenz

Catharina Lewerenz

The wider benefits of quantitative methods.

OQC video - Jacob Nyrup

Jacob Nyrup

Why we need to really understand data.

OQC video, Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright

The language of Quantitative Methods.

OQC video, Julia de Romémont

Julia de Romémont

Applying rigorous methods to social sciences.


OQC videos, Caroline Snell

Caroline Snell

Why QStep helps.

OQC videos, Kelechi Okeahialam

Kelechi Okeahialam

Quantitative Methods to challenge views around you.

OQC videos, Luca Wollny

Luca Wollny

Data is everywhere.

OQC videos, Nicholas Halterman

Nicholas Halterman

Not taking views at face value.

OQC videos, Sif Beyer Hunt

Sif Beyer Hunt

Quantitative Methods, the creativity and freedom.

OQC videos, Tak Huen Chau

Tak Huen Chau

Translating the real world into data.

OQC videos, Theo Cox

Theo Cox

Q-Step, the benefits.