Picture Credits

Front view of Manor Road Building, Oxford

© Oxford Q-Step Centre

Group of wooden figures gripped by measuring tape

© Andrey Yalansky / Adobe Stock

OQC event reception with banner, manor road building entrance hall

© Oxford Q-Step Centre 

Blurred person cycling in front Oxford University college wooden gate

© Daisy Daisy / Adobe Stock

Logic Lane Street Sign

© Mike Potter / Adobe Stock

Map of UK with Q-Step Centres signposted

© Nuffield Foundation / Q-Step UK-wide 

Oxford Q-Step logo tree with random letters and numbers as leaves

© Oxford Q-Step Centre

Data Analysis word cloud

© mindscanner / Adobe Stock

Lecturer standing in front of projector explaining plot

© Oxford Q-Step Centre & UNIQ

Student sitting on the floor in a library, doing research on laptop

© .Shock / Adobe Stock

Aerial view of office with six computers

© Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock

Stack of quantitative social science textbooks

© Oxford Q-Step Centre

Checklist with Yes and No boxes

© Pixabay / Pexels